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Let's watch Vlad Guerrero crush some home runs at the Caribbean Series Home Run Derby

Don't you miss Vladimir Guerrero? His pine tar-ridden helmet, his sweet gloveless swing, his majestic home runs? Well, for one night, during Wednesday's Caribbean Series Home Run Derby, Vlad the Impaler kindly re-entered our lives:

Unfortunately, his three home runs weren't enough to get him out of the first round and former Reds farmhand Felix Perez ended up taking home the crown. But as Vlad told's Jesse Sanchez, he was pretty happy to hit even one (at age 40!):
"I had a great time tonight," Guerrero said. "I didn't think I was going to hit one home run, but thank God I hit three. It's been a while since I retired, and I'm really happy."
We're really happy, too. And even though we won't see the elder Guerrero playing in the Majors any time in the near future, we were reminded that there were many mini-Vladdys on the way: