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Vote: What were the top plays from Week 5 of the MLB season?

What a busy week it's been, especially if you're Yasiel Puig. Has anyone ever gotten so much sight-seeing done on a road trip? But it's not just the Dodgers outfielder who's been busy. Giancarlo Stanton, fans at Angel Stadium and Bartolo Colon  were all actively setting records, and in Tampa Bay, Steven Souza Jr. was so beat, he needed to rest for a moment:


Now that we're all sitting down, let's reflect on the MLB week that was. It's time for you tell us - what were the best plays of week five?

Best offensive play

Four incredible home runs, including a record-setter and the longest of the year.

Best defensive play

A home run theft, a cross-country (well, nearly) run, a smooth double play and a selfie-worthy snag.

Best pitching performance

A home run hitter doing his day job, a young up-and-comer, a no-hitter flirtation and a knuckeballin' complete game.

Best feat of strength

The third appearance on this list of the one and only Bartolo Colon, at-the-plate pushups, mascot boxing and a mitt-busting pitch.