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More evidence that the Athletics' best prospects might be their ballboys

The A's are up to something. To those just casually watching, nothing would seem suspicious. But to the trained and watchful eye, a pattern emerges: The A's ballboys are simply too good at their jobs.  

The latest evidence comes from Tuesday night's 2-1 win over the Orioles, when a ballboy made a textbook pick on Hyun Soo Kim's foul ball in the sixth inning:


He rightfully got some kudos for a move that would've been impressive even for a player.

Now, there isn't anything suspicious about a single play like that. But it comes after an A's ballboy showed Major League extension back in April. Even when they don't make the play, A's ballboys show off their skills. The two might have been a coincidence, but now something is clearly going on. 

So, the question is: What? Are the A's using their ballboy staff as some sort of covert farm system? Is the team training them to be Gold Glove infielders? Oakland bolstered its farm at the Trade Deadline, but are the A's ballboys secretly the team's best prospects?

Either that, or they're just really good at their jobs.