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Check out Barry Zito's music video for his soulful new country jam 'Secret to Life'

In his 15-year career as a pitcher, Barry Zito won 165 games, was a two-time World Series champion and took home 2002 American League Cy Young Award honors after going 23-5 with a 2.75 ERA for the AL West-winning A's.
Here's an image from that press conference, just for reference's sake: 

In '15, Zito called it a career after one last season in the A's organization, culminating in a super-nostalgic late-season matchup at the Coliseum against old pal(s) Tim Hudson and the Giants. Since then, Zito's been free to pursue his other passion, one that he's carried with him for years: music. 
Well, on Saturday, San Francisco Chronicle A's beat writer Susan Slusser passed along a note on Twitter that Zito is readying his first album -- and that tasty bit of news came complete with a music video for a song called "Secret to Life." Watch it below, but only if you're ready: 

If you're sitting there wondering when Zito became a musician, well, it's always been a hobby of his. In the early '00s, he'd often pop up at live A's radio show tapings around the Bay Area with guitar in tow. Additionally, as Dave Ammenheuser of the Tennessean pointed out in a profile of Zito, the lefty has carried a guitar with him on road trips since '99, started writing his own material in '02 and recorded some music a few years back (though it hasn't yet seen the light of day). 
Zito was amenable to the A's interest in a Minor League contract for '15 in part because it allowed him to immerse himself in the music scene of Nashville, where the A's Triple-A affiliate is located.
With his pitching career in the rearview mirror, Zito's now free to fully commit himself to his songwriting career -- and best of luck to him!