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Get pumped up the same way Carlos Ruiz and Kyle Seager do: By yelling animal names at each other

(Clair, Michael)

Ballplayers thrive on routine. Get to the ballpark, take your hacks, put on your pants before your socks ... and yell out animal names. 
If that last one sounds unrealistic, well, you don't know Carlos Ruiz and Kyle Seager. According to Mariners third-base coach Manny Acta, this is a daily occurrence for the two. Fortunately, he managed to capture video of this amazing ritual before Wednesday's game against the Athletics

There's so much to enjoy here. From the hyper-competitiveness of the game to the sheer variety of the animals listed. Perhaps my favorite part is when Ruiz goes with the mythical chupacabra around the 25 second mark. Not only because the chupacabra -- an animal known for the spikes along its back and its penchant for drinking blood that is popular among cryptozoologists -- is cool, but because it opens up a whole realm of possibly real creatures: Bigfoot. Nessie. The Dover demon. The mothman. 
It basically means the game can go on forever. Given how much fun this video is, we wish it would.