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Carlos Santana celebrates his three-run home run by starting a new dance craze

One year from now, every nightclub, discotech and jukebox hall will be filled with a new dance, one whose movements are filled with joy and fun and laughter. It shall be known as the Slamtana, and if you're not a baseball fan, you won't know where it came from. But by reading this today, you'll know the story. 
Because this future dance craze was created in the first inning of Wednesday's Red Sox-Indians game. After hitting a three-run home run off Clay Buchholz, Carlos Santana simply had to express the joy he felt in his soul for such a marvelous dinger. 
And lo, the Slamtana was born. 

"We try to do something fun," Santana told's Jordan Bastian after the game. "Me and Kipnis, we've played for the last four or five years, so he knows me and I know him. We have fun in this game. I try to enjoy it."
So start learning it now, making sure to get the shimmy and the arms-at-your-side-kind-of-fish-movement down pat. You'll be the coolest person anywhere you go.