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CC Sabathia balked because the mound was just a little too slippery

With a 3.94 ERA and 74 strikeouts in 93 2/3 innings heading into Thursday's game against the Orioles, CC Sabathia is putting together his best season in a few years. During the game, he'd allowed just two runs on four hits through five innings, a decidedly decent outing.
But then, whoops:

With two outs and Chris Davis on first base, Sabathia's foot slipped right out from under him, and he tumbled to the ground. Blooper or no, it was a balk, and Davis advanced to second. 
But hey, it happens. It certainly happens to Sabathia's MLB colleagues -- like Santiago Casilla , whose balk let the Padres walk off on Saturday night:

And Sabathia isn't the first person to have found the mound a little too slippery at inopportune times:

Nonetheless, Sabathia escaped the inning after getting J.J. Hardy to ground out. The seventh inning, however, was not so kind, as Sabathia allowed two more runs, giving him the loss as the Yankees dropped to the Orioles, 4-1.