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Dioner Navarro tried to prank Chris Sale, but the umpire sold him out

Continuing his dominant start to the season -- and really, ever since he's reached the Majors -- Chris Sale was locked in on Tuesday night against the Blue Jays. The side-winding lefty went eight innings and gave up only one run on four hits, while he struck out six. 
Other than a home run he surrendered to Edwin Encarnacion, the only other blemish came in the bottom of the eighth. And it was thanks to Sale's own teammate. 
When Dioner Navarro broke the cardinal rule of "only throw the ball when your teammate is looking at you," he tried to deflect blame to the fans. Navarro would have gotten away with it, too, were it not for that meddling umpire. 

But that's just the ump's job. Not just an arbiter of strike or ball and safe or out, home plate ump Alan Porter is the judge of righteousness and justice, too.