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Debuting his new slapstick comedy routine, Francisco Lindor tripped over his own bat

Having sufficiently mastered the shortstop position in just his second Major League season, excelling both at the plate and in the field, Francisco Lindor has apparently decided to add a slapstick comedy routine to his game. He calls this one "A Bat Too Far:"

Some context: After knocking a grounder to second in the Indians' 7-3 loss to the Rangers on Tuesday night, Lindor hustled to first base -- but he didn't make it very far. His very own bat, bouncing off the drop, caught him in the legs and sent Lindor tumbling to the ground. It may have looked like a blooper at first blush, but this is a man whose mistakes aren't actually mistakes, and his smile in the dugout a few moments later suggests this was very much a planned stunt.
Unfortunately, as a bit of physical comedy, it felt a little uninspired for a player of Lindor's caliber -- last year's runner-up for the AL Rookie of the Year Award -- don't you think? You can tell he's just starting out -- tripping over your own bat is something out of Baseball Slapstick 101, right after "Watch out for the ball!" But he's probably poring over Charlie Chaplin movies every night and preparing to wow us by the All-Star break.
And don't worry, Lindor went back to doing what he does best: