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Francisco Lindor is so good at defense, even he has to smile at his highlights

Given the sheer regularity of his back-breaking plays and jaw-dropping highlights, you'd think that Francisco Lindor making defensive gems would have become boring. Routine. Expected. Fortunately, they're not -- whether for us watching at home or even for Lindor himself while he's making them
Facing the Tigers in the top of the second on Tuesday night, Lindor dove to his left, jumped up and threw the perfect bounce pass to Mike Napoli at first base. And even Lindor had to appreciate his handiwork. 

Of course, he isn't just a dedicated student of defense. He's also completely locked in on pop culture, switching his walk-up music to the "Space Jam" theme one day after rumors of Lebron James being cast in "Space Jam 2" came out.'s Jordan Bastian spoke to Lindor about the song change postgame:
Sitting on my bed one day and going to YouTube and I play that song and my girlfriend is like, 'I like it. "All right, I'll play it.' That was it.
Reasonable enough.