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Famed MLB ghost hunter Jon Gray finally got to explore Milwaukee's legendary haunted hotel

We've long known about Rockies pitcher Jon Gray's love of the paranormal. And now, with the Rockies in Milwaukee to face the Brewers, we finally get to see the man in action busting ghosts before his Tuesday start:

OK, well, not so much "busting ghosts" as "scanning for ghosts."
In June, we had the opportunity to speak to Gray about his fascination with the spiritual world, and he told us he had long dreamed of exploring Milwaukee's famed Pfister Hotel. Now, we see, he's made that dream a reality.
Why would Gray be so interested in the Pfister Hotel? Well, it has something of a reputation:
The hotel, reportedly haunted by its original owner, Charles Pfister, has been compared to Disneyland's Haunted Mansion by Giancarlo Stanton . Even players like Pablo Sandoval, Jason Heyward and Justin Upton have paid their own way to stay somewhere else. 

Carlos Gómez has heard voices when he stepped out of the shower. Adrián Beltré's  TV and air conditioner kept turning on and off during his stay. Brendan Ryan saw a "moving light" going through the room
The Brewers ultimately won Tuesday's matchup, 6-4, but it wasn't for Gray's lack of trying. He struck out 10 batters and only allowed four hits and two runs in six innings of work. Clearly, he had the spiritual world on his side.