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Josh Donaldson was not granted the time he asked for, but he almost swung anyway

Josh Donaldson was facing Red Sox knuckleballer Steven Wright on Sunday, when he asked for time -- either to try to disrupt Wright's rhythm or just to have a moment to collect himself, knowing a knuckleball, like the one that had been called a strike right before, was headed his way. He stepped back away from the plate and let his bat drop to his side.
But Donaldson did not receive the time he sought. 

So, he had to scurry back into the batter's box and get in his stance right away. 
You can see, when he rushed back to the plate, how badly Donaldson wanted to swing. He almost did. But time is elusive, it waits for no man. He was too late. The pitch had knuckled its way right past him for, yes, another called strike.
Donaldson ended up flying out in his at-bat, learning an important lesson: You can't always get what you want