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Watch Nicholas Castellanos and Shane Greene make a scrapbook of the 2018 Tigers season

The ever-expanding world of podcasts welcomed two new hosts earlier this year when Nicholas Castellanos and Shane Greene debuted their show, 619, as a platform for the two Tigers players to let fans get to know them better, both as people and as baseball players. They had no plans to start a podcast together, but when a member of the Tigers media relations team mentioned it as a possibility, they were both intrigued, and the rest is history. 
On the field, Castellanos and Greene have also enjoyed success in 2018, with Castellanos posting another impressive offensive season and Greene embracing the closer role for Detoit while racking up a career-high 28 saves. The Tigers may not be competing for a postseason spot this September, but they've had no shortage of memorable moments in 2018. We wanted to give Castellanos and Greene a chance to reflect on their favorite parts of this season with one of the original ways to organize memories: scrapbooks!
We gave the two Tigers a variety of images from the 2018 season and let them get to work. Check out the video at the top of the page to see their scrapbooking creations.
Throughout their scrapbooking adventure, we also got to know more about these two teammates. Castellanos explained why his epic bat flip that was caught by an umpire was actually an accident:

They pondered what they'd be doing if they weren't professional baseball players:

And we learned that Greene could be an interesting potential candidate for a future season of The Bachelor: