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Oliver Perez is a real MacGyver, turns a cup into, like, um, a rope with his mouth

Being a relief pitcher means plenty of time for developing new skills. Sure, maybe not marketable skills, like learning computer code or how to perform brain surgery, but they learn skills all the same. Like turning an ordinary paper cup into a string or a rope as Oliver Perez did in the early innings of Tuesday's game against the Phillies. 


As for why he was doing it, we have no idea. Did he have a hole in his uniform that he needed stitched? Perhaps he was trying to escape the bullpen and was making a rope. Perhaps there was a hidden microchip in the cup that he needed to get out so he could access the files. Or maybe he's been possessed by the spirit of a goat and he was just hungry. He also could have just been bored. 

Let us know what you think was most likely below: