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Roberto Perez laid down perfect bunt while Kenny Lofton watched from the broadcast booth

It's a great day when a six-time All-Star by the name of Kenny Lofton drops by the broadcast booth to talk about the decade he spent with the Indians and provide some unique perspective. It may provide some added pressure to perform, but in this case, it got a little weird.

On Friday, the Indians were hosting the Blue Jays when Roberto Pérez laid down a gorgeous bunt that should be framed and hung up on a wall to show off to friends. The bunt managed to stay fair down the third-base line and stopped perfectly on the infield chalk in front of Josh Donaldson -- even after toppling over the grass.
Donaldson stopped to watch the ball roll over to the right side of him, anticipating it land in foul territory -- that didn't happen.

Perez's beautifully executed bunt gave him a single and Lofton was pleased with the results.
"He must [have known] I was in the house," Lofton laughed.
He must have known indeed.