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Watch Ryan Dempster do his Harry Caray impression in full costume

Ryan Dempster may have had a 16-year career, gone to two All-Star Games and picked up a World Series ring, but the thing he might be most remembered for is his Harry Caray impression. Given that he played half his career with the Cubs, that shouldn't be too surprising. 
During the Cubs' 6-0 win over the Rangers during a Friday matinee, Caray-by-way-of-Dempster stopped by the booth to chat. In addition to talking about the current makeup of the team and talking about that guy named Ryan Dempster, he took some time out to sing. Turns out, this Caray's voice is about as good as the usual. Compare: 
Dempster's Caray: 

And here's Caray's version: 

Check out the video above for more of Dempster's hard work.