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Watch the final out of the Indians AL record-setting 21st consecutive victory

It's happened: The 2017 Indians have set the American League record with 21 consecutive victories after defeating the Tigers, 5-3, on Wednesday afternoon.
To say it's a surprise is an understatement. After all, no team expects or even hopes to win 21 in a row. Even when the Indians had rattled off 10 straight, there were no expectations to unseat the 2002 A's to take possession of the American League record for most consecutive victories. 
When Cody Allen induced Ian Kinsler to hit a fly ball to Lonnie Chisenhall, it was all over. It was time to celebrate. And nothing says a celebration better than business-like handshakes. 

"Good to meet you, wonderful to see you, don't forget to send over those project reports."
But the task isn't over. There's the Major League record of 26 for the team to set sights on. And then, of course there's the World Series. If Indians fans were this excited today, we can only imagine what the future could hold.