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Watch Futures Game MVP Brent Honeywell talk Home Run Derby with Cespedes Family BBQ

The fans in the stands were electric during the 2017 T-Mobile Home Run Derby. One of the spectators you may have noticed has a familiar face. 
The Cespedes Family BBQ folks were at Marlins Park on Monday and tracked down top Rays prospect and Team USA's Futures Game MVP Brent Honeywell to ask him some questions about the Derby. 
He's a natural on camera and has this screwball that -- well, just watch:

If you want to know Honeywell's favorite parts of the Derby on Monday night, take a look at the video atop this post.
While spending some time with the Cespedes BBQ folks, though, Honeywell also saw fit to grab the microphone and interview some of Aaron Judge's costumed fans at Marlins Park ... because why not, right?

As you might have imagined, that was also a highly entertaining interview segment: