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Overcome the heat wave with these 11 ways baseball players stay cool

during their game at Citi Field on April 27, 2017 in New York City. (Al Bello)

Summer is officially here and it is miserable. Ignore all the Instagram ads showing smiling people on beaches, because you know the truth: You sweat when you wake up. You sweat when you go to bed. And when you get to work, your clothes will have wilted and will cling to you like a koala holding onto a tree. 

Is there any way you could ever cool down? Fortunately, baseball players know how to stay cool in the heat. After all, their jobs require them to be at their best all summer long. So, here are 11 moments that will make you wish you were playing baseball, instead of sitting in your poorly air conditioned office. 
Baseball players take hydration very, very seriously, so there is always ice cold H2O around: 

Your friends wouldn't complain when you ask them, panting, "can you please just wipe the sweat off my body?"

They'd even fan you! When was the last time your cubicle mate fanned you?

Need ice poured all over you? You're in luck. 

No one would dare judge you for dousing yourself in water. Try that in your own office and you'll find out how quickly you'd be sent to HR: 

Just look at the face of instant chill: 

You can straight up steal ice cream and people would thank you: 

A baseball player's office also doubles as a space for a slip n' slide. Has anyone ever put a soaked tarp down on the company's conference room?

You could even go swimming at work:

There are always water cannons at the ready:

And if things got really bad, they could just go play in the pool. When was the last time your boss let you take your laptop to the water park?