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Adam Eaton has an idea to disrupt the sunflower seed industry as we know it

Adam Eaton has an idea that I think will help him create a vast, global sunflower seed empire. If he pursues it, the entire snack food industry may never be the same and the White Sox outfielder will stand atop.

That idea: Ramen-flavored sunflower seeds. Think about it -- everyone loves those cheap, delicious, life-sustaining bricks of ramen noodles. And everyone loves sunflower seeds. As Eaton explains it:
"It'd be easy -- chicken-flavored ramen noodles and make it into a sunflower seed. When I was in college, that's what I lived off of … Just put in some seeds and get the little chicken pack, and just put the pack in your mouth with the seeds, and all of a sudden you have ramen-noodle flavored seeds. Instant."
In new-tech lingo, I believe that's called #disruption. Get in line, VC firms. 
Now please excuse us while we go get some ramen noodles and sunflower seeds and mouth-mix our own attempts at Eaton's creation. In the meantime, watch the video above to see Eaton answer some other unusual questions, including which teammate he'd bring to The Hunger Games.