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Adam Eaton found out the hard way that hurdling Evan Gattis isn't very easy

Evan Gattis is a large man. Listed at 6-foot-4, 230 lbs, he's a formidable presence on the diamond.

In the third inning of the White Sox-Astros game on Saturday at Minute Maid Park, Chicago's Adam Eaton found out the hard way just how imposing Gattis can be. (Though even he would probably crumple at the sight of a Chris Sale slider, so Carlos Gomez shouldn't feel too bad.)

On a two-out single to left from Brett Lawrie, Eaton rounded third and tried to score, but did so with an unexpected jump/dive that could have hurdled Gattis … if Gattis was a shorter man, maybe. But he's not, so it didn't: 


Even the TV announcers were impressed with Eaton's up-and-over technique:

Though it may not have worked, Eaton deserves a cap-tip for his try. And Lawrie, the man responsible for setting up this sequence of events and also a noted box-jumping expert, had to be pretty impressed by his teammate's hops on this one.