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The White Sox had a visit from their friendly neighborhood spider man -- a fan with a giant spider

It was just a typical day at the ballpark when a friendly neighborhood spider man took in a baseball game. No, not that Spider-Man, this guy:

It was during the Indians' 5-2 win over the White Sox on Thursday where this gentleman stood out amongst the crowd with a big (and we mean really big) stuffed spider on his shoulder. The spider was also sporting a Cardinals helmet. Perhaps he was a Cardinals fan that found himself in Cleveland. He may have also been a supporter of the Cleveland Spiders -- a Major League Baseball team that existed from 1887-99.
While we may never have confirmation, at the end of the day there was still a guy, enjoying ballpark food with a stuffed spider on his shoulder. And that's pretty awesome -- if you aren't the type of person who leaves the room at the first sight of the eight-legged creatures.