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Jose Quintana gave Jimmy Fallon Spanish lessons on 'The Tonight Show'

White Sox ace José Quintana appeared on 'The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon' on Tuesday night. On first blush, Quintana would appear to be a slightly odd choice for a guest on a late night show, but two conditions made this a perfect setup.
First, during Spring Training, Quintana attributed a large part of his acquisition of the English language to regularly watching Fallon on television. It is fitting for him to pay a visit to someone who was something of a teacher to him in his early years in the U.S.
Second, Quintana's White Sox are currently in New York City for a series against the Yankees, making the logistics of an in-season appearance on the show easier.
Fallon was even in attendance for the White Sox 4-1 victory over the Yankees in advance of the airing of the episode.

As for Quintana's segment, he definitely did do his best to give Fallon some Spanish lessons, as best as he could: