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A White Sox security guard had a net and knew how to use it to catch a foul ball

In his seminal work, "The Savage Mind," French anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss introduced the concept of bricolage. He describes a bricoleur -- or someone who practices bricolage -- as a tinkerer who makes do with the tools at his disposal to complete a task, regardless of whether they are regarded as the proper tools for the job. He is particularly skilled at using objects in new and different ways.
During the 5th inning of Saturday night's 5-3 win over the Rangers, a White Sox security guard appeared as a modern-day bricoleur to snag a foul ball with a net:

Without a glove at hand, this guard made do with the net he had available to snag the foul ball. To make his bricolage even more impressive, he made the catch with the sort of calm confidence as if a fishing net was the typical instrument for catching baseballs.