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13 reasons to love being a Rockies fan right now

The Rockies may still be looking for their first ever National League West division title, but right now, I don't think anyone cares. After all, the Purple Mountain Majesties (as they should be known, now and forever), just toppled the juggernaut Cubs in one of the weirdest, most exciting postseason games in memory. 

It also means that it's a wonderful time to be a Rockies fan. Here's why: 

1. Nolan Arenado is a vacuum cleaner on legs

That's pretty much the only explanation for how he's able to suck in every kind of ball hit anywhere in his vicinity. 


2. The hometown ace

Sports are often used as an expression of hometown pride. So, what better way to be proud of Colorado than watching Denver native Kyle Freeland deal on the mound? 

3. The purple! 

It's regal, it's majestic and it's a crucially underused color in sports. It was the best sartorial decision possible when the Rockies opted for a truer shade of the color a few years back. 


4. The view

What's the best part of climbing a mountain? The view! Coors Field got that right. Holy moly this is pretty:


5. The natural splendor

One underrated aspect of Coors Field? You can literally get lost among the foliage. Nature is a dangerous beast.


6. Trevor Story's sequel

It was seemingly impossible for the Rockies' shortstop to follow up on his great rookie season and unbelievable debut. But then, in 2018, Story was even better as he smashed 37 home runs and stole 27 bases for one of the best offensive seasons for a shortstop in baseball history. 

7. The Rockies have baseball's greatest ghost hunter

If the Rockies make to Game 7 of the World Series, which is schedule for Oct. 31, one very important thing could be in play: Jon Gray might get the ball on the year's spookiest day. Why is that important? Because the long-haired right-hander hunts ghosts in his free time


8. The hero returns

It's rare for a fan favorite to return to his former team and help lead them to glory. That's not the case for the crazy-jacked Matt Holliday who returned (and borrowed his own cleats from the Rockies' archives) to play a crucial role in the postseason push. 

9. The Coors Field effect

Yes, playing a mile above sea-level does make it easier for home runs to carry. But do you know what that also means? The longest home runs of the season tend to take place in Colorado, too. And who doesn't want to see that? The lone 500-foot home run in 2018? Yeah, that was in Colorado: 

10. They have one of the most interesting players in baseball

Charlie Blackmon is not just a good leadoff hitter with an amazing (and, depending on your perspective, super gnarly) beard. He's also among the most unique players in the game. He drives the same Jeep he's had since high school. Oh, and he believes aliens exist and they have thumbs. 


11. Adam Ottavino's hideout

All the coolest people have secret hideouts.  Adam Ottavino created his own when he revamped his super slider ... by camping out in an abandoned Manhattan storefront during the offseason. 

Is that ball plastic?

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12. Their mascot is a purple dinosaur named Dinger

And why is he a dinosaur? Because they found dino bones underneath the site where Coors Field was built.


13. Strike out cancer -- literally

Chad Bettis is one of the best stories in the sport. The pitcher returned at the end of last season after beating testicular cancer and that's something to celebrate every time he takes the field. 

The Rockies and their enthusiastic fans will now take on the Brewers in the NLDS starting on Thursday.