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When not racing around the bases, Willians Astudillo gives his teammates noogies and takes piggyback rides

Willians Astudillo does it all. He hits homers, almost never strikes out, pitches, plays center field, catches and runs the bases with reckless, lovable abandon. 
But what does he do when he's not on the field? One night after his remarkable trip around the bases, the man known as "Tortuga" was on the bench during the Twins' 6-4 loss to the Royals on Thursday. So, while hanging out in the dugout, Astudillo put his energy to good use and gave Chris Gimenez what appeared to be a bizarre kind of noogie. He then followed it up with a piggyback ride through the dugout. 

I think it's time for all Twins games to come with a dedicated Astudillo camera. 

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