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Willians Astudillo's heroic run from first to home left him gasping for all the air

Willians Astudillo is a 5-foot-9, 225-pound catcher. Teammates call him La Tortuga, or, The Turtle. You wouldn't think a man of that stature or name would be fleet of foot on the baseball diamond -- a dreamy ball of energy floating along the basepaths. 
Well, if you were tuned into Wednesday's Yankees-Twins game, you saw how wrong you were:

Look at that hair flowing backward -- the man's hair can't even keep up with the man! Of course, going first to home on a double can be exhausting. Once back in the dugout, Astudillo found a seat next to starting pitcher Jake Odorizzi (who, by the way, was pitching a no-hitter, but Astudillo didn't seem to care) and let out a long exhale:

Manager Paul Molitor talked to correspondent Jarrid Denney about the epic run.
"Man, I don't know. That was painful to watch that jaunt around the bases. When they miss the dive, you think he's going to score fairly easily, and then you see Gregorius is going to have a chance. But his hit was big, to get that second run on the single up the middle."
While Astudillo simply did it for all the people like him out there.
"I just wanted to show that chubby people also run."
What a moment. What a player.