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Willson Contreras hit a baseball about as far as a human can and dropped his bat emphatically

Willson Contreras is the king of the postseason bat drop. He honored his NLDS home run straight into the stratosphere against the Nationals with a bat drop and he was back at it during Wednesday's 3-2 victory over the Dodgers in Game 4 of the National League Championship Series presented by Camping World versus the Dodgers. 
Alex Wood tried to throw a first-pitch two-seamer by Contreras, but the Cubs' catcher said no, hammering the pitch and then dropping his bat as the ball flew into the air. 
That ball kept on soaring until it smashed off the scoreboard. Yes, that most definitely is some beef

Statcast projected its distance at 491 feet -- which not only would have been good for third-longest during the regular season, but it's the longest postseason home run in Statcast's existence: 

Before the fans could even pick their jaws up off the floor, Javier Báez smashed another dinger. This one flew a measly 437 feet ... which is a pretty good distance compared to almost any other homer. And that one deserved a bat getting tossed to the side: 

The Cubs will look to send the series back to Los Angeles when the teams square off for Game 5. Tune in Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on TBS.