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Willy Adames' bat flip/heave hit a level of euphoria rarely felt by the human experience

You ever see a person so happy, so elated with something that it makes you feel jealous? You get that wistful sense of, "Oh, man, why can't that be me?"

After seeing this from the Rays' Willy Adames as his walk-off single hit the outfield in Tampa Bay's 4-3 win over the Blue Jays on Wednesday night, I couldn't help but feel that same longing.

Now, Adames actually doubled up the amazing with this bat flip. Before heaving it so high above his head that it probably came close to clipping a catwalk, Willy carried it down the first-base line nearly halfway. That's a man appreciative of the tool of his trade, which came through when it meant the most.

I'm left with the desire to achieve this level of euphoria sometime. Maybe I'll win the lottery. Perhaps I'll find some long-lost memento in the couch cushions after years of mystery.

If anything like that happens, maybe I'll reach Adames' level of joy.

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