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Photo: Former Mets and Pirates pitcher Jon Niese reminds everyone to wear sunscreen

Finally, a little more than three months after one of the craziest, most exciting Fall Classics in history, there is an official Spring Training reporting date for baseball players to be doing baseball things: The Mets and Pirates have asked their pitchers and catchers to report to Florida today, Feb. 12. Some are already there, including Noah Syndergaard and his Thor-powered fastball.

While Trevor Williams, his wife and his adorable kid have been in Bradenton for almost a week.

And as former Mets/Pirates pitcher Jon Niese illustrates in the main photo above, it's not only important to bring your glove and bat, but it's also essential to pack your sunscreen (and close your eyes when spraying it directly into your face.)
Pitchers and catchers from the 28 other MLB teams will travel down to their respective spring sites this week, games will begin soon after and, before you know it, your hopes and dreams will be put to the test on Opening Day on March 29 (the earliest start date ever). Get excited.