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Wiz Khalifa is the most adorable baseball coach to his son’s team

There have been some truly incredible baseball coaches throughout the 150 years of baseball history, from the very gentlemanly Connie Mack to the mascot-punching Tommy Lasorda.

But the one I would want – the one you would also probably want – is not a member of the professional baseball community at all. He likes baseball, he believes in baseball, but his full-time job is rapping.

Yet, look at this. I want this kind of love when I reach first base:

Wiz Khalifa is the first-base coach to his six-year-old son’s team. His son’s name is Sebastian, but his nickname is “Bash” – which is an extremely good baseball nickname. Khalifa not only looks the part, he also has a caring and compassionate attitude that many coaches lack.

“For me, it’s super important,” Khalifa (born Cameron Thomaz) shared. “I love children and this is the most important time in his life. Especially spending it with me, and having his friends and the relationships that they’re gonna build — any hand that I can have in that, I’m trying to do it.”

Parents also think he’s an actual Major League coach.

“It’s crazy but one of the coaches actually came up to me — he’s a fireman — and he just told me this yesterday, he was like, ‘I was watching TV and I saw this interview with you on there and I was like, “What the heck is the Dodgers coach doing on TV?’" He didn’t even know I was a rapper,” Khalifa said.

All I’m saying is that if you’re a Major League team and you have a coaching vacancy for the 2020 season, you might want to take a look at Coach Wiz.