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Friday's marathon Game 3 featured a 14th-inning stretch and reopened concession stands

During a regulation 9-inning baseball game, we generally know when certain off-field events are going to occur. In the middle of the seventh inning, fans will get a chance to stretch their legs and sing a tune. At the conclusion of that, concession stands will usually close. If applicable, a mascot race may occur a couple innings prior to that. But, once a game goes into extra innings, there is no script.
So, as Friday night's World Series Game 3 progressed deep into extra innings, the entirety of Dodger Stadium was on its own to figure out what to do. In the middle of the 14th inning, they decided it was a perfect time to stretch their legs and sing ... after all, it had been seven innings since they had last done it:

Around the same time, the concession stands re-opened with menus pared down to the essentials:

Fans were not only treated to an instant classic in Game 3. They also got extra concession time and two mid-innings stretches for the price of one.