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We asked the Dodgers to describe things about their teammates in Three Words Only

Now that they've reached the World Series presented by YouTube TV for the first time in nearly 30 years, everybody wants to know more about the Dodgers. Just how good is Clayton Kershaw? Is there something living in Justin Turner's beard? What's it like sharing a clubhouse with Yasiel Puig?
Luckily, the Cespedes Family BBQ guys knew just who to ask: the Dodgers themselves. They caught up with Joc Pederson, Alex Wood and more during World Series Media Day to play a game called T.W.O. -- which, confusingly, stands for Three Words Only -- in which various Dodgers had to describe things about their team and teammates, using ... three words only.
Check out the video above to hear all the responses. Our personal favorite? Brandon McCarthy, when asked to describe Kershaw's curveball: "Makes me jealous."