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Who needs a glove? A WVU pitcher reflexively barehanded a liner and doubled up a runner at first

Conventional wisdom has it that pitchers "should not" attempt to spear line drives or any ball hit back at them with their bare hand. After all, hands are made up of 27 different (and incredibly tiny) bones, and all of them are pretty much crucial in order to throw a baseball. 

West Virginia University right-hander Alek Manoah, however, doesn't ascribe to this unwritten rule. Or, at least he didn't in Wednesday's 5-1 win over Morehead State after a hitter fought off a tough inside pitch, popping it back up toward Manoah on the mound ... who coolly did this:

Plenty of pitchers and position players probably imagine this scenario playing out in that fashion, but it just seems so incredibly unlikely. Factor in the spin of the ball, its speed, and the fact that Manoah here was falling off the mound on the opposite side of the ball's trajectory. 

Thanks to reflexes and instinct, it all came together perfectly.