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WWE superstars paid a visit to Citi Field and talked about wrestlers that could play baseball

Aaron Judge is now the proud owner of a WWE championship belt after a visit from a few WWE superstars, and rightfully so. The Yankees slugger dominated the T-Mobile Home Run Derby, and he has hit a collection of balls into the atmosphere this year.
WWE Week continued in Major League Baseball with special appearances by a few superstars including The Hardy Boyz, Carmella, and Curt Hawkins. Each one of them were asked by at Citi Field on Friday which of their wrestling comrades would make great ballplayers. And apparently there's a ringer out there who can toss 120 mph ... 

Carmella's answer was admittedly biased, as she named her beau, Big Cass, as someone who could hang with the big boys. She's seen him throw the ball around and take some hacks. He's also taken a selfie with Judge, and has been seen sporting an "All Rise" shirt.

Hawkins was open about the fact that his baseball skills need some work, but he was happy to name Hornswoggle as a possible participant.
"Maybe if Hornswoggle was still around," he explained about the 4-foot-5 wrestler. "His strike zone would be so small - that would really help out a team, they could just keep walking him."

Matt Hardy suggested all-around athlete Braun Strowman give pitching a whirl since he "could probably throw a 120-mph fastball."

His brother, Jeff Hardy, thinks Finn Balor would be exceptional at stealing bases. And perhaps he's right -- would you want to throw down at this guy? He has literally wrestled dinosaurs … or he's phenomenal at Photoshop. Either way, it's intimidating.

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