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Yadier Molina took a tumble corralling a pitch in the dirt but recovered like a champ

You don't get a reputation as one of the finest backstops in the game without a bit of flair behind the dish, and Yadier Molina has it in spades.
It was on full display in the eighth inning of the Cardinals' series opener with the Cubs on Monday after a Kevin Siegrist pitch bounced in front of the plate.
Molina sprung into action, but as he lunged to his left to grab the baseball off a bounce ... things went awry. Getting his foot caught, Molina took a tumble -- but never lost sight of the runner on first base. No, he kept his focus and finished the play with an amusing "safe" call for good measure. 

As we've seen already this season, Molina's moment in the game could have gone an entirely different way had he lost the baseball during his acrobatic episode, but he didn't -- and for that, he earns a cap-tip nod of appreciation.