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Aaron Judge continued to show off his power with a 495-foot blast that left everyone stunned

On Saturday night, Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge blasted the hardest-hit home run of the Statcast era to left field at a whopping 121.1 mph. During the sixth inning of Sunday's 14-3 win against the Orioles, he continued his mission to make Statcast hitting metrics his personal plaything.

While -- at 119 mph -- it wasn't hit as hard as his Saturday night dinger, this home run more than made up for the lesser velocity by traveling a nearly unfathomable 495 feet, clearing the Yankee Stadium bleachers in the process.

The 495-foot home run marked the longest of 2017 and tied for the second-longest of the Statcast era (longest by an AL player).

 An achievement like that demands shock:

And celebration:

Judge's court was still in session in the seventh inning as he went deep again to extend his MLB home run lead to 21.

It wasn't as impressive as the first dinger, but that's hardly a criticism. However, his Yankees teammates, spoiled by the majesty of his achievement of the previous inning, were severely underwhelmed.

Judge has certainly set a high bar for spectacular displays of power. As he continues to set the bar higher, he continues to surpass it. At this point, it's difficult to fathom what could possibly come next.