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The Yankees' thumbs-down trend continued when Todd Frazier crushed a three-run homer

A meme was born during the Yankees' game on Monday night, when a disapproving fan at Citi Field showed his displeasure with Todd Frazier's three-run home run by offering a solemn thumbs down. Wildly entertained by the gesture, the Yankees have since adopted it as a clubhouse signal, with Frazier himself giving the dugout a thumbs down following his RBI single on Wednesday.
In Thursday night's game against the Orioles, though, the team took it to new heights. First, Didi Gregorius mimicked Frazier after a first-inning single:

Frazier happened to be the next man up to bat, and he continued his hot hitting with another three-run homer, knocking Wade Miley out of the game and giving the Yankees an early 6-0 lead:

The bench reacted appropriately, with a nearly unanimous thumbs-down for Frazier:

Tough crowd!
The mastermind behind the trend was none other than Aaron Judge. "Seeing that fan who did that, it was pretty comical," he said to's Danny Knobler. "I thought it would be a good thing for Fraz to do, and it kind of caught on with the whole team."
Frazier had a chance to send yet another thumbs-down right back to them in the third inning after a double:

Congratulations to the mysterious Monday night fan! He clearly started a trend in the Yankees' clubhouse. Wonder what he thinks of it?

Yeah, that probably checks out.
Here's a full explanation of the thumbs-down phenomenon from the Yankees broadcast: