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Brett Gardner became an amateur bird-watcher in a new Yankees ad, much to Greg Bird's dismay

The Yankees have done an excellent job in recent years hearkening back to the amusing team commercials of yore with legitimately funny videos. 2015 offered a brief Sandlotreenactment, and 2016 featured several ads, including one where Starlin Castro and a charismatic Didi Gregorius did their rendition of a Step Brothers scene.
Now in 2017, the Yankees' video crew is back at it again with some more, like a sequel shot for Castro and Gregorius (and oddly, Matt Holliday), and the YES Network team doing yoga. Their best one this go-around though features a wonderful duo: the longest-tenured current Yankee and perhaps the longest-awaited Yankee.
As the Outback-dressed Brett Gardner notes, this species of bird has not been seen "in over a year." After a torrid start to his MLB career in 2015 with 11 homers in just 46 games, Greg Bird was forced to miss the entire 2016 season recovering from shoulder surgery. Gary Sánchez and company led an impressive tour de force of Baby Bombers in 2016, but numerous Yankees fans pined for the sweet-swinging first baseman's return.
So understandably, Bird's fan club has been following his every movement in Spring Training, just as Gardner does here. The didgeridoo humming along in the background only makes the pursuit better, as Gardner observes his teammate's eating habits and dugout preparation. Then he decides to "lure" Bird out with sunflower seeds.

The GIF likely encapsulates Bird's reaction to the constant coverage. (He's been thriving anyway with seven homers in exhibition action.) At least he's a good sport and humors Gardner by eating some gummy worms later.
We can only wonder how the outfielder-turned-ornithologist would react to watching Bird interact with his cat. Hopefully it's not a Sylvester/Tweety situation. Either way, the next Yankees commercial with Bird has to feature some singing, right?