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Yankees first-rounder Anthony Seigler isn't just a switch-hitter -- he's a switch-everything

The Yankees selected exceptionally well-dressed high school catcher Anthony Seigler 23rd overall in the first round of Monday's MLB Draft. Being a switch-hitting high school catcher already makes Seigler one of the more unique prospects in this year's Draft class, but it goes a step further: Seigler also switch-pitches. While his future in pro ball is certainly behind the plate, the talented Seigler has been up to 90 mph from both sides while pitching for Cartersville High School in Georgia.

Seigler's remarkable on-field ambidexterity got us wondering how these skills translate in other aspects of his life. We joined Seigler on Draft Day and asked him which activities he prefers to do righty or lefty -- and found out that he himself isn't even quite sure which is his strong side. 
Check out the video at the top of the page to hear more.