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Yasiel Puig is so ferocious on the basepaths, not even his own belt could contain him

While Yasiel Puig was lighting up the league as a rookie in 2013, Dodgers poet laureate Vin Scully coined a nickname: The Wild Horse, a tribute to the fearlessness and ferocity with which Puig did anything on the diamond -- from running down a ball in the outfield to throwing out a baserunner to taking the extra base.
During Tuesday's 8-4 win over the Nationals, though, Puig's play might have been a little too wild for his own good/wardrobe. While stealing second base, Puig dove headfirst into the bag ... and broke his belt in the process:

As far as we know, his belt-breaking tendencies are not the reason why the Dodgers are reportedly open to dealing the star outfielder. But let's just be grateful he didn't have a chance to leg out a triple or anything, lest we have another José Altuve situation on our hands.