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Yasiel Puig would like you to know that he's got MLB's finest animal cracker collection

Look, it can get hungry on a baseball field -- you're spending at least three hours on the diamond, often during prime dining hours. And so, as long as there have been baseball players and dugouts, there have been baseball players eating in dugouts. David DeJesus has his ice cream. Anthony Rizzo and Little Leaguers everywhere have orange slices. Tim Lincecum has ... well, we're not quite sure what Tim Lincecum has.

But none of that matters now, because Yasiel Puig would like to inform you that he has the finest collection of animal crackers MLB has ever seen. Gaze upon his kingdom of circus animals, ye mighty, and despair.

Impressive, but it begs the question: Which species of animal cracker is the best species of animal cracker? It's the hippo, right? It's totally the hippo.