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Yasiel Puig needed a few seconds to process an R.A. Dickey knuckleball

Yasiel Puig is in his fourth season with the Dodgers, so he probably hasn't had too many chances to face off against a knuckleball pitcher.
In his first at-bat on Saturday in the Dodgers' game with the Blue Jays at Rogers Centre, Puig took two knucklers from R.A. Dickey and couldn't help but shake his head in awe:

From Dickey (in his 14th season) to predecessors such as Tim Wakefield (19 seasons) and Tom Candiotti (16 seasons), history has proven that pitchers who can master the knuckleball last a long time.
Shortly after Puig's initial "incident" with the tough pitch, his teammate Joc Pederson demonstrated what can happen when a hitter is able to time a twisty, dance-y knuckler juuuuust right:

Go get 'em next time, Yasiel.