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Yasiel Puig tried to break his bat over his knee, but couldn't quite pull it off

When Yasiel Puig came to the plate with one out in the bottom of the 10th inning in Tuesday night's Pirates-Dodgers game, odds were that he would not break the 3-3 tie -- after all, even the best hitters fail to reach base in about 60 percent of their plate appearances.

When Daniel Hudson struck out Puig for the second out of the inning, the outfielder was not happy with his performance. He attempted to break his bat over his knee:


Whether his inability to snap his bat was the result of a last-minute change of heart or solid woodworking remains uncertain.

Recall that this maneuver has been successfully executed in the past. Bo Jackson, in particular, made breaking a bat over his knee cool.

Puig's frustration became a moot point when Austin Barnes hit an RBI double in the next at-bat to give the Dodgers a 4-3 win.