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Yasiel Puig wants to be Jared Goff's friend, even if the feeling isn't quite mutual

What do we know about Jared Goff, yesterday's No. 1 NFL Draft pick? We know he was born in California, that he spent his college football career at UC Berkeley and that his dad had a few cups of coffee in MLB in the '90s. So it's no surprise that Goff is a baseball fan, and apparently, he cheers for the Giants:

But on Thursday night, he was drafted by the Rams. You know, the now-Los Angeles Rams, the city with a baseball team Giants fans don't take particularly kindly to:

Luckily for him, Puig seems ready to bury the hatchet:

And Goff seems to want to take him up on it: 

This is the kind of hug-based diplomacy the world needs. #PuigOURFriend.