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After Enrique Hernandez hit his third home run, Yasiel Puig was scared to high-five him

For anyone wondering why Enrique Hernandez -- he of many gloves and banana suits -- was batting cleanup earlier in the series, here's your answer: Batting sixth in the Dodgers' 11-1 pennant-clinching victory over the Cubs in Thursday's' Game 5 of the National League Championship Series presented by Camping World, the utility player went deep three times.

It puts Hernandez in a special camp that includes players like Reggie Jackson, Babe Ruth and ... Adam Kennedy because, hey, funny things happen in baseball. 

Hernandez homered in the second. He hit a grand slam in the third that opened the game up. And then, to put the icing on the Dodgers' pennant cake, he homered again in the ninth inning. 

He raced around the bases, leaping and shouting and pointing. It was a moment of pure joy.


There was one person that wasn't ready to share in Hernandez's fun, though: Yasiel Puig. He had seen what the left fielder had done to the baseball and was wary of someone possessing all that power. 


It's OK, Enrique: Even though he wouldn't give you a high-five, I'm sure #PuigYourFriend