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Yasmani Grandal hopped up in the air and still somehow framed this pitch for a strike

According to baseball professor Mike Petriello, Yasmani Grandal was the second-best pitch-framer in baseball last season. He saved an estimated 52 runs in framing alone for the Dodgers. In 2015, he was No. 1 in the league in that category.
During the Dodgers' 6-4 win over the Indians on Wednesday, Grandal, perhaps thinking pitch-framing was too easy and wanting to challenge himself (or he just got crossed up), made things a little harder. On a sixth-inning pitch by Grant Dayton, he bunny-hopped across the zone and STILL framed the pitch for a strike.

As you can see, the ball definitely still crossed over the corner of the plate:

A.J. Pierzynskiis jealous.