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Yoenis Cespedes walks up to 'Circle of Life,' hits walk-off homer to a guy in a Simba costume

During Monday's game against the Marlins, the Yoenis Céspedes Tour of Joy and Wonder graduated from impromptu golf clinics and noble steeds to walk-up songs. Specifically, Disney-related walk-up songs:

And then, just a few hours later, Cespedes -- no doubt inspired by the sun rolling high through the sapphire sky -- stepped up with the score tied in the 10th and launched a towering walk-off homer to give New York a 2-1 win. There was much rejoicing: Bats were flipped ...

... crowns were fashioned out of bubble gum buckets:

But Yo doesn't just hit walk-offs -- he bestows gifts. And so, on such a special occasion, Cespedes made sure his souvenir wouldn't be hit in the direction of an ordinary Mets fan. It ended up sailing toward one very particular Mets fan, who just happened to be wearing a Simba costume:

Let it never be said that the Baseball Gods lack a sense of irony/musical theater.