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You've never had fun like Yolmer Sanchez 'swimming' and dumping water on himself in the pouring rain

It was raining during Monday's Royals-White Sox game at Guaranteed Rate Field. Like, a lot -- so much so that the game headed to a rain delay with the score tied, 1-1, in the fifth inning. It would become a suspended game later in the evening, as the rain didn't let up.

The game paused, Yolmer Sánchez took the opportunity to fully embrace the elements and have some serious fun on the field. He didn't care that there was a torrential downpour dumping buckets of rain onto the field. He was like a kid when a parent says, "No, don't go jump in the puddle! You'll ruin your shoes!"

Yolmer cared not about such things. He made "rain angels," so to speak, in the soggy infield dirt:

And then, perched on the edge of the Chicago dugout, Sanchez lifted the Gatorade bucket over his head and poured it down over himself, even while the rain continued beating down from above. His jersey was dirty from the mud angels, after all.

Overkill? Yes. Amusing? Absolutely. Inspiring? You know it.

Yolmer has fun whenever he can. We should follow his example in all facets of life.