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A young A's fan reached in front of an older fan to catch a foul and their reactions were amazing

In the bottom of the seventh inning of the A's 10-2 win over the Astros on Sunday afternoon, Mark Canha swung at a 1-1 offering and sent a foul up toward the Plaza Level. 
Now, anybody who watches a lot of baseball knows that this scenario can play out in one of a few different ways. The ball could bounce around some empty seats, or perhaps find its way into the outstretched hands -- or glove -- of an excited fan.
That's precisely what happened, but with a twist: As an adult fan waited at the railing, focusing on the incoming baseball with his bare hands at the ready, a younger fan expertly reached over and snared the prized baseball. Both the kid and the older man had priceless reactions to this moment: 

As seen in the full clip atop this post, they even exchanged high-fives! That's sportsmanship, but also just a natural reaction to a foul catch as slick as that.